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Personalized Weight Loss Program

Tailor Made

MDWL has created a personalized weight loss program with enough different options to meet your individual needs. We know that everyone is unique with different DNA, different environments, different customs and cultures. Having a set of principles to follow which can be adapted to your lifestyle is just one of the keys to your success.

Designed by Physicians

Medical Supervision

You can have confidence and trust in the MDWL program because it has been created by our expert team of physicians who have treated thousands of patients for weight loss. You have the benefit of  years of research and clinical experience now available at your fingertips through our online program. In addition, MDWL has family physicians who are available in both Calgary and Edmonton (more cities to come).

A Long Term Approach to Weight Loss

Sustainable Approach

With your MDWL online resources and virtual community support, you will have all the tools you need to learn how to change the way you eat, cook, exercise, and live. Imagine being able to finally achieve results within 1-2 weeks of starting our program. Lose weight and feel great knowing that this approach to nutrition is sustainable long term and may lower your risk of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Meet One of our MDWL Physicians

Family Physician Support

If you live in a city where we offer family physician support, you will have access to an in person MDWL consultant who can help support and coach you through your process of achieving your health and vitality goals. Simply download our physician referral, take it to your primary care provider and have them return it to our team to start the process. We have physicians in Edmonton and Calgary and are able to provide virtual care to residents in Alberta.  As we grow, we hope to offer in person care with trained MDWL physicians in other locations across Canada.


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