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Once you sign up with MD Weight Loss, you will have access to all the course material, in both written and video format.  You will be able to set your goals and start using your personalized tracker to help you reach your goals.

Step Two

The Referral Process.

We make getting a referral easy.  You simply print our standard referral form to take to your primary care provider.  They can help you fill this out to have sent to our central referral team.  Our staff will then help match you with one of our MDWL physicians for an initial consultation.

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Step Three.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring.

If you start seeing one of our MDWL physicians in person,  you will meet with them every 2 weeks for the first 3 months of the process. We understand that bi-weekly doesn’t work for everyone so we can also tailor to your availability. If you feel you need to be seen every week for a while, that’s OK. If you feel after 3 months, you need to keep being seen every 2 weeks, that’s OK too.

One exception to this is for anyone on medication for diabetes or hypertension. We like to see those patients weekly to start as we often have to make rapid medication changes to prevent low blood sugars or low blood pressure.

Step Four.

Future Success.

We know that only about 10-20% of people who lose weight are successful keeping that weight off for the first year. We strive to have much better results than that for our clients. That is why we continue to see our clients for at least the first full year after they have reached their target weight. Evidence proves that if we can help you maintain your weight loss for a full 12 months, your risk of relapse / weight regain decreases dramatically. At that point, we are confident you have the tools and you have been able to successfully integrate your new habits into your daily life.

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