Sometimes the best inspiration comes from our clients.  This lovely lady is our “cover model” for the month of July but she has also provided the idea for this post.

Paulette came to us wanting to lose weight and improve her health.  Like a lot of people we work with, she had tried a number of things in the past but never had long term success.

She has reached her goal in this past year and we were talking about how transformative this whole process has been for her.  I loved what she said next…it was something to the effect of her weight loss being a metamorphosis and that, just like a butterfly cannot change back to a caterpillar, she is never going back to what she was before she metamorphosed into the person she is today!

She is a beautiful woman, inside and out and has decided to take her oversized clothing and has donated it to her local church for her pastor to send back to his home country to help others.

You can read more of her story on our Facebook page:

If you, or someone you know, needs help with getting started, it’s easy to join and get on the road to better health!

Have an amazing day and keep being awesome!

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