A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

We understand that your weight is not simply a product of what you eat.  It’s a much more complex system and we want to help you explore some of the root causes of weight gain and how to make other lifestyle changes to help you along the way.

Lifestyle medicine is an emerging branch of preventative medicine.  The key is to try to help you make changes in a number of interconnected areas of your life, all of which can impact your weight.

Those areas include sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, interpersonal relationships and substance use such as alcohol or tobacco.  For example, think about the last time you didn’t get a good night’s sleep.  Did you feel like exercising the next day?  Probably not.  The last time you had an argument with someone at work, what did you do?  Did you go home and cook a healthy meal or did you just say “screw it” and go through drive through on the way home?

Join today to learn more about how managing all of these other parts of your life can move you forward on the path to a healthier you!

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