The stages of change. Getting started on your weight loss journey.


Congratulations on your decision to make changes to improve your health!

In 1977, James Prochaska and Carlo Di Clemente began developing a psychological model for behavioural change.

If you feel like you are always going around in circles, you’re not alone.  Any time change is required, it can feel like you’re on a never ending cycle of trying and failing.  Know that you are not alone!  It’s normal for people to feel this way.  Having an understanding can help you prepare for the future and any challenges you might encounter.

The first stage of change is precontemplation – At this point, people are not yet at the point where they are ready to acknowledge that there is a problem behaviour that needs to be changed.  In this stage, people aren’t really thinking seriously about making changes.  They are generally not interested in any kind of help and they may actively defend their current behaviour / self – destructive habit. (they may be the people who also work to actively sabotage you as you try to make changes)

Contemplation – People in this stage acknowledge that there is a problem but are not yet ready to or sure that they want to make a change.  This stage can vary in length from days to a lifetime while people go back and forth weighing the pros and cons of changing their behaviour.  At least when someone is in this stage, they are open to receiving information and education on how changing their behaviour could have long lasting positive outcomes.

Preparation – Now you’re at the point where you are getting ready to change.  This stage involves researching and finding the resources you will need to help you move forward into the next stage of changing your behaviour.  It may involve reading, speaking with other people who have had similar experiences or enlisting the help of friends and family who you know will support your efforts as you move forward.

This is where we can help!  The next step is action! To learn more, sign up and begin your journey to a healthier you!


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