An intro to low carb eating

For thousands of years, humans have evolved with the primary goal of survival and of course by surviving, having the ability to procreate and further our species.  One of the main causes of death before modern civilization was starvation.  To that end, our bodies have become very efficient at storing fat during times of abundance and being able to burn this fat for energy when there was famine, winter, or just a lack of food.  During these prehistoric times, our bodies would maintain this equilibrium by going into cycles of abundance and famine by storing fat and burning fat, respectively.

Fast forward to modern civilization and our current world where food is readily available, we now find ourselves being a slave to our body’s primal instinct to store energy in the form of fat causing weight gain.  In our current culture, most people eat three times a day plus snacks.  Our bodies are constantly storing excess energy, and yet we never have an opportunity to burn these energy stores.  Hence, we gain weight – day after day, week after week, and year after year!

With the MD Weight Loss Program, we are tapping into these ancient metabolic pathways and unlocking the power of fat burning or ketosis to encourage your body into thinking that is in a starvation mode and turning on the powerful fat burning mode your body was always designed to utilize.  Many patients will lose 10-20 lbs per month utilizing the science of ketosis and the best part is that this weight loss can be maintained by understanding nutrition and how it impacts our metabolism.

Many people who have joined our program have achieved successful weight loss, improved energy and cognition.  In addition, it is fully expected that as people lose weight, their blood pressure will improve, diabetes will be controlled and even reversed, and all this lowers the risk of heart disease and even cancer.

Take control of your health and your well-being today!  How would you feel to lose that weight?  What would it mean to you to have more confidence and energy?  What does it mean to you and your loved ones to be healthier and lowering your risk of future disease?  If these are goals you want to achieve, look no further.  Click on the “learn more/join today” button to find out about our exciting program.

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